Established since 1989, Asia Beauty is one of the pioneers in the beauty industry developing and distributing only premium quality line of products to beauty salons and institutions.

It was developed to service our dealers through a vast array of information on everything from our product line through market trends in skin care and cosmetic. We have a team of well trained professionals in this industry to service, educate and developed your business.Without fail, Our Company organise yearly training abroad or leisure trips for our dealers. This is to increase their knowledge in the global beauty market with its latest technology, products information and trends. For leisure, it is to relax and be geared up for a new period.

In addition, to upgrade the skill and technique, post graduate courses are provided at our beauty academy, Aesthetics International Academy. (
To assist you in developing your business with our premium line of products, our team of professional can provide a detail consultation and presentation to you.



We are picking up new skills and techniques everyday. It’s all about enhancing the quality of service and delivery to your clients. Beauty seminars and workshops hosted by our team of highly experienced Beauty Trainers, offer detailed professional training for Salon owners and their staffs, keeping them up-to-date with new techniques and trends in the aesthetics industry.



Expand your business with an excellent growth strategy. Be one of our exclusive centre and give your business a personalized touch. The effectiveness of being exclusive is to target the people who buy from you, continue to choose you and remember you as one of our Premium Brands dealer. Grow your business fast with our personalized marketing plans, pushing your sales a notch higher.



Mutual benefits of Partnership
Partnership is one of the pillars for growth. At Asia Beauty, we believe a successful partnership is where our dealers gain by the determined values we bring as we work towards the same goal.

We have launched a dozen major marketing campaigns with partners to make our products a success. The support of business strategy.