OLOS (Italy)

Olos is beauty for your face and body, and so much more. Olso is wellness, it is a warm and gratifying embrace just for you, it calms and relaxes your mind and helps you regain balance lost due to a hectic lifestyle.

Olos blends with nature and goes beyond cosmetics by outlining a modern lifestyle and a refined and conscious neutrality for those who only choose the best.

Olos is:
• Paraben-free, paraffin-free
• petrolatum free;
• ethyl alcohol free;
• completely sensorial;
• no animal testing;
• safety;
• respect for your skin

The Strength of the Elements

For thirty years OLOS has been inspiring from the natural elements, where it takes the precious and effective active ingredients.

The different and characterizing colors of the packaging are inspired by the natural elements of WATER, EARTH, FIRE and AIR, each one becomes the expression of its belonging line. The lines that take nourishment from the EARTH are in BROWN, the lines that feed off purity from WATER are in LIGHT BLUE, all lines that are lit up by FIRE energy in RED and the line that draws its strengths from the AIR are in PURPLE.

the vital principle of all living beings, it quenches Nature’s thirst and makes it fertile. All the lines fed by its purity are in LIGHT BLUE.

lush, fertile and abundant, it welcomes Life and nourishes it. All lines that draw nourishment from this essence are in BROWN.

the engine of vitality, synonymous with energy and light, it animates and gives life. All lines that are lit up by its energy are in RED.

synonymous with youth, an eternal spring, a genuine rebirth. All the lines that draw strength from the most precious and impetuous substances in the atmosphere are in PURPLE.

Why does talking about Natural Beauty?

Now more than ever, the message delivered by the society takes the shape of a diktat, not whispered, but shouted: “be beautiful”.

For OLOS Beauty is about regaining again harmony and balance, in taking care of your BODY, of your FACE, of your SHAPES and feeling comfortable in doing that, in the knowledge that beauty is a LIFE STYLE rather than the merely external expression of the pleasantness of physical profiles. OLOS is the natural answer to regain balance and harmony.

Reasons to choose OLOS

Responds To All

OLOS responds to the requirements of ALL WOMEN, even those who are PREGNANT and BREASTFEEDING*.


An emotional journey into the world of beauty, made from specific active ingredients, extraordinary textures and enchanting fragrances.

Free From and Ecocert Formulas

OLOS offers only the best for your skin. Products formulated also to meet the demands of consumers who are more attentive to naturalness, containing active and ECOCERT-approved ingredients.


A new contemporary taste, the fusion between Woman and Nature through a delicate flower.

Natural Friendly Packaging

Always close to Nature, OLOS uses FSC Paper, from responsibly managed forests.

Complete Range

OLOS responds to different beauty needs with COMPLETE and SPECIFIC LINES.

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