DIBI Milano (Italy)

DIBI Milano, the leading Italian brand in the cosmetics industry offers a comprehensive beauty project for face and body, targeted and selective based on the Client’s profile, characteristics and lifestyle. Diversified and complementary lines of actions make up the DIBI offer.


ALFAPARF GROUP is an Italian multinational in the cosmetics industry founded by Roberto Franchina. The corporation works in the care of Hair, Face and Body with technological products and equipment, integrating Research and Development, Production, Distribution and Training.

ALFAPARF draws its inspiration from Italian creativity and the energy of the city of Milan to combine its ideas with the latest international trends.


  • 5 production facilities making more than 400,000 pieces per day
  • 20 branches and distribution in 100 countries
  • 2,000 employees and counting
  • 30.0000 beauticians
  • 300,000 hair stylists

The Values

Scientific method

ALFAPARF GROUP proven method allows them to objectively identify the aesthetic criticalities of face and body, defining a treatment strategy that guarantees real, fast and totally reliable results.

Research and development

ALFAPARF GROUP laboratories are committed every day to preparing advanced cosmetic formulas and developing equipment for professional aesthetics with cutting edge technology and very high innovation content.

Cutting edge technology

The powerful synergy of the most advanced technologies for beauty, the result of constant innovation in aesthetics, guarantees maximum performance in full compliance with safety.

A 7 Stars Beauty Universe

For more than 40 years, Scientific Research (products), Technological Innovation (equipment) and Experience (the place and the beauty consultant) come together to ensure maximum effectiveness through a method and a tailored program.

DIBI Milano are the reference point for professional aesthetics for over 40 years, a symbol of professionalism and reliability and experience.

DIBI Milano combine cosmetic excellence, Italian soul and vision global, to create inclusive experiences and formulas.

DIBI Milano believe that beauty is a path that it requires analysis, method, objectivity and the support of professional consultants and cutting-edge technologies. To guarantee true results, total reliability and speed of action.

DIBI Milano believe in constant research: DIBI Milano carefully select each ingredient to get effective, safe formulas from results real. Because DIBI Milano care about the future of our skin, and there DIBI Milano strive every day to guarantee beauty at all ages.

DIBI Milano are rigorous: no miracles, only real results, measurable. Tested in collaboration with the most accredited Cosmetic Research Institutes.

DIBI Milano create customized and functional programs: one method of beauty, unique for every woman. DIBI Milano know the value of time: every age has its beauty and we know how customize each treatment to respond in a way aimed at every need.

DIBI Milano transmit passion, knowledge and professionalism to our professional beauticians, to train consultants of capable and competent beauty.

Why DIBI Milano?

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