Refresh Gel Cleanser




This cleanser effectively removes all traces of impurities while retaining its PH level. The ginger extract gives the skin an invigorating effect while deep cleansing on both skin’s surface and pores. It revitalizes and improves the appearance of the skin with a soothing and calming action.

Direction for use:

Apply Refresh Gel Cleanser on dampened skin and work on a circular movement for a few seconds. Rinse off with water and apply an appropriate Toner.

Featured Ingredients:

Ginger Root Oil , Curcuma Root Oil , Cinnamomum Leaf Oil


Ageing, All Skin Type, Blemishes, Cleanser, Cleansing, Combination Skin, Comedones, Congestion, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Skin Concern, Skin Type, Skincare, SkinOrigin, Uneven Skin Tone,

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